Zhizhang (Kevin) Hu

Zhizhang (Kevin) Hu

Ph.D. Research Assistant

University of California, Merced

About Me

Hi! Welcome to my page! I am a Ph.D. student candidate of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the UC Merced PANS Lab, advised by Dr. Shijia Pan. I have been working on deep learning, ubiquitous computing, and smart healthcare from day 1 of my Ph.D. journey. I have an interdisciplinarity backgropund: mechanical engineering, civil engineering and computer science, which motivates me to explore new and interesting interdisciplinarity problems.

Besides academic work, I am a big fan of skateboarding, hiking, body building and mountaineering.

Could you do me a favor?

I am super curious about what lead us meet at here. If you have time, could you brifly write what leads you here and send it to me by Contact Me (at the end of the page)? If you can breifly introduce yourself that will be even greater! Maybe a potential collabreation can start here :-D

  • Multimodal Deep Learning
  • Causal Inference
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, 2020-Now

    University of California Merced

  • M.Sc in Building Science, 2020

    Carnegie Mellon University


University of California, Merced
Ph.D. Student
University of California, Merced
Aug 2020 – Present Merced, California

Working in following areas:

  • Physics-informed multimodal sensing and learning algorithms.
  • Causal inference for deep learning bias reduction.
  • Smart healthcare with heterogeneous Internet of Things(IoT) systems.
  • Representation learning and transfer learning algorithms.
Amazon Inc.
Applied Scientist Intern
Amazon Inc.
May 2022 – Aug 2022 Palo Alto, California
Working in the Visual Search & AR team, advised by Dr.Xinliang Zhu, Dr. Son Tran and Dr. Rene Vidal. Supervised and advised by Dr. Arnab Dhua.

Recent Publications

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(2022). CIPhy: Causal Intervention with Physical Confounder from IoT Sensor Data for Robust Occupant Information Inference. SenSys 2022 AIoT Workshop.


(2022). MODES: multi-sensor occupancy data-driven estimation system for smart buildings. ACM e-Energy.


(2022). Demo: Real-Time Teeth Functional Occlusion Monitoring via In-Mouth Vibration Sensing. IPSN 2022.


(2022). Poster: Sedentary Posture Muscle Monitoring via Active Vibratory Sensing. IPSN 2022 (Best Poster Award).


(2021). AutoQual: task-oriented structural vibration sensing quality assessment leveraging co-located mobile sensing context. CCF Transactions on Pervasive Computing and Interaction.

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(2021). Footstep-Induced Floor Vibration Dataset: Reusability and Transferability Analysis. SenSys 2021 DATA Workshop.

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(2021). Poster: Vibration-based Indoor Occupant Gait Monitoring with Robot Vacuum Cleaners. IoTDI 2021.

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(2021). Vibration-based indoor human sensing quality reinforcement via Thompson sampling. Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Cyber-Physical-Human System Design and Implementation.

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(2020). A window-based sequence-to-one approach with dynamic voting for nurse care activity recognition using acceleration-based wearable sensor. UbiComp/ISWC 2020 Workshop(Best Paper Award).

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(2020). Fine-grained activities recognition with coarse-grained labeled multi-modal data. UbiComp/ISWC 2020 CML-IoT Workshop.

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(2020). Improving the Interoperability of gbXML Data Model through Redefining Data Mapping Rules of HVAC Systems. ASHRAE Transactions.

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(2019). Device-free sleep stage recognition through bed frame vibration sensing. BuildSys 2019 DFHS Workshop.

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Contact Me

  • 5200 Lake Road, Science & Engineering 2, Merced, CA 95348